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Getting Radical In the South Conference strives to be an inclusive space for all attendees. In accordance with these commitments, we ask that all attendees abide by the following community commitments. 

  1. Attendees will stay muted during the entirety of panels, unless directly called upon by a moderator to ask panelists a question. 

  2. Attendees will refrain from verbal, graphic, or written discriminatory and or inappropriate comments related to age, body size or type, disability, gender, gender identity and expression, nationality or national origin, language, physical appearance, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, education level, or socioeconomic status. 

  3. Attendees will refrain from recording any part of the conference. Some panels will be recorded, upon agreement of all participants, and you may contact conference organizers for recordings following the conference.

  4. GRITS conference organizers reserve the right to expel any participant for violations of our community commitments. 


*these commitments were inspired by the NLG #Law4ThePeople 2020 Convention Code of Conduct

Community Commitments


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